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The 10 Highest and Lowest-Paying College Degrees

The 10 Highest and Lowest-Paying College DegreesMoney shouldn’t be the biggest reason you choose a career path, but it’s certainly up there. With that in mind, here are the college majors that lead to the highest and lowest-paying careers, according to recent surveys by (more…)

Online vs. Traditional Degrees: An Infographic

Here’s an interesting infographic comparison of the current state of online vs. traditional college degrees — courtesy of — that combines pros and cons of online learning with an overview of the impact of the current economic climate, plus a profile of the typical online student and a brief history of online education. All with pretty pictures! Enjoy! (more…)

The Weird World of YouTube College Applications

The Weird World of YouTube College ApplicationsSeveral brick-and-mortar colleges have taken their application process online in one of the more unexpected locations: YouTube. Schools like Tufts University, The College of William and Mary, George Mason University and St. Mary’s College of Maryland have begun accepting video submissions in place of (or as a supplement to) written application essays. The purpose is for students to show more of who they are — live and in living color — and based on some of the submissions, who they are is a bit scary. Here is an assortment of some of the more oddball videos. Perhaps you’ll gain some inspiration for your own application…or maybe you can learn from their mistakes. (more…)

20 Strange College Application Essay Questions

20 Strange College Application EssaysCollege application essays can be nerve-wracking affairs, but some schools (particularly the University of Chicago) try to ease the tension with lighthearted, creative and just plain odd questions. Depending on your personality, though, this sort of essay might make you even more stressed. Try practicing on these past examples, the oddest of the odd college application essay questions.


Brutally Honest Student Reviews of Online Schools

Brutally Honest Student Reviews of Online SchoolsWhere to Find Online College Reviews from the Students’ Mouths

Choosing an online school can be a nerve-wracking task, especially with the glut of diploma mills and otherwise disreputable institutions, but one tool available to you is the opinions of other students and alumni. (more…)