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School Library Dumps Books in Favor of Internet

School Library Dumps Books in Favor of InternetEvery day, more and more websites are offering free books to read online, but rarely do they feel like true substitutes for real-world libraries. The prestigious Massachusetts prep school Cushing Academy begs to differ, however.


25 Free Sites for Reading Books Online

25 Free Sites for Reading Books Online

Do you love to read but hate to walk or drive or rise from a prone position on your hammock? Well, if you have Internet access, you don’t have to! (Granted, if you only have a desktop computer, you’ll probably have to sit up.) With these 25 great sites, you have access to tens of thousands of books, plays, essays, poems and other written works in electronic form anytime for free! With the scanned documents, you can even enjoy the illustrations and the visual look and feel of the often historic works. The texts available are primarily older ones whose copyright protection has expired, and thus they’re now in the public domain, so don’t expect to find the latest Twilight book or anything like that. Still, there are plenty of cool e-books to explore — from Dracula to Alice in Wonderland — and plenty of useful stuff you’ll no doubt have to read at some point in an English class.


e-Textbooks: Feasible or Futile?

e-Textbooks: Feasible or Futile?As textbook prices continue to climb — by some estimates, at a rate twice that of inflation — e-textbooks are increasingly looked at as a less expensive option. After all, electronic textbooks accessible via computers save money on printing and distribution costs, thus lowering the end price paid by students. At least, theoretically. (more…)

Reader’s Delight: A Search Engine for Free Online Books

Ever wanted to find a book online, but been turned back by a string of dead-end search results? This nifty custom search engine cuts out the clutter by only including results from sites that post full text versions of literature online.

Sites Searched

The following sites have been included in the search engine. If you know of any good sites that haven’t been included, please drop a us a note in the comments and we’ll add them.

Project Gutenberg - The largest collection of free books online.

eBookSpyder - A site that specializes in technical works and manuals.

Google Book Search -Google’s vast index of scanned books.

Bartleby - The preeminent internet publisher of literature.

Internet Classics Archive - 441 works of classical literature online.

Poetry Archive - Home to the world’s greatest poems.

Free Computer Books - Free Computer, Mathematics, Technical Books and Lecture Notes.

Literature Network - Searchable online literature.

American Poems - A website dedicated to American poets, historical and contemporary. - Free ebooks for you iPod, PDA, or computer.

Bibliomania - Free online literature and study guides.

Internet Public Library

U. Penn’s Online Books Page

WikiBooks - A free library of educational texts.

Great Books Online - An index of classic books.

Oxford Text Archive

Perseus - The Perseus digital library by Tufts University.

University of Virginia Digital Collections - An enormous collection of digitized texts.

World Public Library - A collection of free technical books on science and engineering topics.

Baen Free Library - Free science-fiction and fantasy books.

Technical Books Online - Free ebook downloads of technical texts.

eBookSearchr - A search engine just for ebooks.